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A closer look at Haida Gwaii

Thank you so much for our visit. I place Copper Beech House at the top of our near perfect vacation. I saw angels everywhere. You made every minute comfortable, charming & exciting. The food, the guests, the books & art! The feeling of being in the right place. We'll miss you. Take care everyone,

~Allan & Donna 

Hello Copper Beech House,

A year ago yesterday I spent an evening and night at Copper Beech House and the memories are still so fresh. Susan was a wonderful hostess and Copper Beech House was beyond my wildest dreams!

We joked about that as she signed some books for me. While the dinner was in progress, I relaxed on the deck and enjoyed the jazz guitar stylings of a local resident whose name I never did get. All in all, it was a marvellous experience and I spent an hour yesterday reviewing photos and videos of the event revelling in the memory of it all.

I'll be back and, in the meantime, I have the memories, the photos and, if I concentrate a little, even the delicious fragrance of Delkatla Slough or harbour. Perhaps I was a sea dog in a previous life and, if there's another, I hope to sail out of Haida Gwaii.

As Bob Hope sang, "Thanks for the memories". It was wonderful and I hope I live long enough to do it again!

Long live Copper Beech Guest House!

Best regards,
~Bob Brown

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As much privacy, or as much company, as you like. One thing we can guarantee about a stay at Copper Beach Guest House as described by Margaret Atwood on Twitter as unique, luverly is that it is an experience. (Continue)



 Court week in Masset, and our guests dress for breakfast.     .Guess which one is the judge?


We have a number of “regulars” who stay at Copper Beech House and become part of our family. Julia challenged guests during court week in May 2014, to come to breakfast wearing “something from their room.” The fish head (a hundred year-old-ling cod, which David Phillips wore as headgear to the Canadian Embassy Washingston, D.C. when Bill Reid’s The Spirit of Haida Gwaii, The Black Canoe was unveiled) is not in a guestroom, but hangs discreetly on a living room wall wearing a jaunty Panama hat left behind by Douglas Coupland on his last visit.  A Facebook friend wrote saying, “I am too boring to stay with you.” Not true. No one is boring. “Perception,” as Joelle Rabu from Haida House in Tllaal says, “is 99% of the flaw.”

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at 3:35 pm Wed, Jun 6, 2012

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